Commercial Solar Panel Installation El Segundo, California

Investing in Your Business: Solar Electricity & Solar Hot Water.

The electric bill for any larger, commercial property is likely to be high. Whether your business is real estate management and you have to pay electricity for numerous units, or your business is one large facility, solar is the absolute best solution to reduce your energy costs. With a quick return on investment, solar power benefits the environment, as well as your pocketbook. Incentives from the federal government and rebates for solar solutions help all businesses with the costs as well. Ask us how to get a free quote to show you all the ways solar energy can save your company money.

Skyrocketing gas bills can be an unnecessary expense for your company as well. Solar hot water is virtually free with current incentives from utility companies and government programs, such as the offer from the California Solar Initiative allow hundreds of thousands of dollars in incentives for commercial jobs. Heating your pool also has an uncapped dollar amount currently available with the Initiative offers, so heating your commercial pool year round is next to free. If you heat water anywhere on your property, now is the time to take advantage of these California Solar Initiative offer for a virtually free hot water system. Ask for a free evaluation and quote from our experienced professionals today.

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